2019 Confucius Institute Scholarship Notice (Non-Chinese nationality)

2019 Confucius Institute Scholarship Notice (Non-Chinese nationality)

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2019 Confucius Institute Scholarship Notice


In purpose of cultivating qualified Chinese language teachers and promoting Chinese language and culture, the Confucius Institute Headquarters, known as Hanban (hereinafter referred to as Hanban) ,launches “Confucius Institute Scholarship”. Confucius Institutes, independently operated Confucius Classrooms and some HSK test centers are entrusted to recommend outstanding students and in-service Chinese language teachers overseas to apply to this scholarship to study in universities of China (hereinafter referred to as host university).


1. Non-Chinese nationality

2. In good Physical and mental condition, excellent in both morals and academic performances.

3. Interested in working for Chinese language education, teaching and promotion.

4. Aged between 16-35 (to September 1st, 2019). Applicants currently in-service of Chinese language teacher shall not exceed the age limit of 45, while undergraduate applicants not exceed 25.


1. Master’s Degree Program in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)

Enroll in September 2019 and receive scholarship for maximum two academic years. Applicants shall be Bachelor degree holders, HSK Level 5 with score 210, HSKK Intermediate Level with score 60. Applicants who are able to provide notarized document of the employment agreement or related proofs after graduation are preferred.

2. One-Academic-Year Study

Enroll in September 2019, and receive scholarship for maximum 11months. International students currently studying in China are not eligible.

2.1 Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Language requirement: HSK Level 3 (270 ) and HSKK.

2.2 Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy

Language requirement: HSK Level 4 with score 180 and HSKK Intermediate level with score 60.

2.3 Intensive Chinese language Study

Language requirement: HSK Level 3 with score of 210.

3. One-Semester Study

Enroll in either September 2019 or March 2020, and receive scholarship for maximum 5 months. Applicants withholding visas X1 or X2 are not eligible.

3.1 Programs of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History and Chinese philosophy

Language requirement: HSK Level 3 with score 180 and HSKK.

3.2 Thaiji Culture Study

Language requirement: Take HSK test.


Online registration will be available from March 1, 2019 on the Confucius Institute Scholarship website (cis.chinese.cn). Please log on to the website and search recommending institutions and host institutions, upload application materials online, track the application progress, feedback of review and admission results. Scholarship holders need to confirm with the host institutions to go through the procedures of studying in China, print out CIS certificates online, and register at host institutions at the designated date on the admission letter.

The application deadlines are:

1. April 20th:if enroll in July

2. May 20th: if enroll in September

3. September 20th : if enroll in in December

4. December 20th: if enroll in March 2020)

Hanban will complete the application review and evaluation and notify the results of the admitted students two months before enrollment.

IV. Application Documents

1. For all applicants

1.1 A scanned copy of passport photo page

1.2 A scanned copy of score reports of the HSK and HSKK (within the two-year validity).

1.3 A recommendation letter by the head of the recommending institutions.

2. For degree program applicants

2.1 A certification of the highest education level diploma (or proof of expected graduation) and an official transcript.

2.2 Applicants of the Scholarship for MTCSOL are required to provide 2 reference letters from professors or associate professors.Those who can provide a notarized employment agreement with teaching institutions are preferred.

3. Applicants currently working as Chinese language teachers shall provide proof of employment as well as a reference letter written by the employing institution.

4 Applicants under the age of 18 shall provide certified documents signed by their entrusted legal guardians in China.

5. Applicants shall also provide additional documents required by the host institutions.


Chinese Bridge winners who have been awarded the 2019 “Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate” shall log onto the scholarship website and submit documents to relevant host institutions upon presentation of their CIS certificates. Please contact [email protected] for inquiry.

VI. Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

Confucius Institute scholarship covers tuition, accommodation fees, living allowance(excluding four-week study students) and medical insurance.

1.Tuition is allocated by the host institutions for the students cultivation and management, organizing cultural activities and tests. Textbooks’ fees and tickets for tourist attraction are not included.

2. Accommodation fee is allocated by the host institutions to provide free dorms, usually double room. Students who choose to live off-campus, after applying and being permitted, could receive allowance of 700 RMB/month, paid monthly or quarterly.

3.Living allowance will be paid monthly by the host institutions. Undergraduates, one-academic-year and one-semester study students would receive 2500 CNY/month, while postgraduates in MTCSOL program could receive 3000 CNY/month.

Scholarship holders should register at host institutions at the designated date on the letter of admission, otherwise, the scholarship will be canceled. Students who register on and before 15th in registration month would receive full living allowance, those register after 15th  would receive half of the living allowance.

Scholarship holders who leave China during semester for personal reasons more than 15 days(excluding summer and winter vacation) would stop receiving living allowance.

Scholarship holders who suspend or drop out for personal reasons, or who violate the rules and regulation will be deprived of living allowance from the date of announcement.

Living allowance would be stopped since half month after graduation.

4. Medical insurance would be purchased by host institutions in line with relative regulations of Ministry of Education of China. Fees for one-semester study is 400 CNY/person, for one-academic-year study is 800 CNY/year/person.



1.Division of Test and Scholarships at Hanban
Email: [email protected]
Fax: +86-10-58595727
Website: http://cis.chinese.cn; http://www.chinesetest.cn

2. Office of International Students Admissions
Contact persons: Ms. Lin
Tel: +86-773-5821163
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.gxnu.edu.cn